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Big 10 Chassis

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Big 10 Chassis

47-54 Chevy 55-59 Chevy 48-52 F-1 53-56 F-100

Base Chassis: No Limit’s Big 10 Chassis is sold as a complete roller. This includes: Complete Front Suspension, including power rack & pinion, front sway bar, And the complete disc brakes. Ride Tech billet coilover shocks are standard front and rear. The complete trailing arm rear suspension with rocker arms and links are standard. Mosier-Ford 9” rear end With 31 spline axles, 60” overall width with all brackets welded in place. Brake pedal, booster and master cylinder, Valving and all brake line plumbing is included. Motor and transmission mounts are included. Motor Adapter Plates, Motor Poly mounts, trans poly mount and Rack & pinion Fittings included. Big 10 chassis comes with all cab, bed, core support and bumper mounts. Custom running board mounts as needed. Lowers the truck approximately 6”. Running board height 6” to 7” Bed Floor must be raised 4” Will fit up to 11” Wide wheel all around


Brake lines are high nickel steel


Base Price $12,685.00

*If using LS Motor use Holley 302-2 Oil Pan*


Fitting a performance chassis under a ‘50's era cab and body will
require a few modifications. This should be thought of as no different
than installing a recessed firewall, or a larger trans tunnel. Big-10
chassis are wider than OE chassis, for strength and stability, and
sometimes need a little more room.

Bed Floors. All Big-1O chassis require the bed floor to be raised 4". You
want it low with a good ride, the axle needs some room to move. This is
pretty easy. Start with two new bed side angle strips for a 55-59 Chevy.
(LMC or Mar-K) Drill and rosette weld them to the bed side 4" above
the factory bed floor angle strip. You may also want to add an angle
strip to the front bed panel, 4" higher than the OE angle, to support the
bottom side of the wood strips. At the back, you will need to for a sheet
metal riser panel to cover the gap. A local sheet metal shop can help
you with this. Assemble the bed floor as normal, just up 4" on the new
angle strips. *** Est. 6 hrs labor total ***

Cab Mods. Most cabs will need the rear chassis port (back bottom of
the cab) trimmed a little bit to open the port wide enough to clear the
rear rails. Small pieces of sheet metal may need to be added to close up
any open pockets into the cab. WE recommend setting the cabs on the
chassis to fit them. *** Est. 2 hrs labor total ***

47-54 Chevy The rear cab shackles are replaced with standard cab
mount bushings. Use rear bushings for 55-59 Chevy p/u. New cab
mount holes in the cab must be drilled. Mount plates for the floor are
provided. One brace under the cab must be trimmed out of the way.
*** Est. 5 hrs labor total ***

55-59 Chevy The inside steps must be moved 'out' 2 ½’’. Some people
will move them 'out' farther to eliminate the pocket when the door is
closed, that is OK. We can provide the0 formed sheet metal parts
required for an additional cost. Our panels are set to move the step
riser out 3". If the steps on your cab are rusted/rotted, this is a good
time to do the mod. Also, the front cab mounts must be moved and the rib depth trimmed down. Parts for this mod are included with the
chassis. *** Est. 10 hrs labor***

48-52 Ford F-l These cabs have six mounts. The rear shackle mount is replaced with a standard mount pad. A new mount hole must be
drilled, the cab mount brace plates are provided. The two front holes fit directly on the chassis. The two mid holes (close to the 'A' pillar) must be re-drilled through the floor. A small part of the lower cab apron, behind the front fender, must be trimmed.**Est. 4 hrs labor**

53-56 Ford F-IOO These cabs also use a rear shackle type mount known as a 'dog bone'. We replace this with a standard type mount. You will use another set of 'front' F-100 cab mount rubber bushings for the rear cab mounts. Floor mod plates are provided. The front mounts fit like stock. *** Est. 4 hrs labor ***

Running Boards We provide running board mount kits for all of the
chassis that require them. These are not welded. You must fit them to your truck and weld them. The finished mounts bolt to the chassis. We provide four mount sets. Some trucks had six mounts. We do not bother with the back mount, as we guess that no one will be riding on the boards. (55-59 Chevy's do not get mount kits)

Brake pedal hole. Our brake pedals are not in the same location as the stock pedal. Naturally, a new hole will be needed.

Inner Fenders. With the new Wide Ride IFS and re-shaped front rails, of course the inner fenders will need to be trimmed or fitted. You will probably fabricate some really cool looking inner fenders anyway.

Core Support All core support mounts are in the factory location. See, it's not all bad. BUT, we mounted them a bit lower than the OE spec. So, expect to shim the core support mount pads. This will help get the perfect hood/cowl fit.

Bumpers Front and rear bumper mounts and included on all chassis. (unless you tell us you don't want them) Most front bumper mounts have been re-positioned to fit closer to the body. Rear bumper mount holes are at a wider stance than the OE chassis. Rear bumper mounts will need to be fabricated. - That's up to you.

Overview. We recommend that you fit the body to the chassis before
any finished body work is done. Most of these are small mods, and
none of the outer body will look any different. This is also the time to
have the exhaust plumbed, and pre-fit the steering column and shafts. We recommend IDIDIT 30’' columns. This is Hot-Rodding. Model A's never came with 350 Chevy's. Guys did the work to swap them in. Remember, you are building a world class high performance Classic Truck. It's going to take some work. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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Level 7 Motorsports

via Google Reviews

We have ordered a few chassis’, wide rides, fat bars, fuel tanks, battery boxes, etc. Every order has been correct, on time, and communication is easy. Rob, Tina, and the whole crew are salt of the earth people. Always happy to do business with them! Thank you guys!

Jane Wilson

via Google Reviews

We bought a complete chassis for our 55 Chevy truck! We could not be happier with the chassis and the folks at No Limit! They did everything they said they were going to do and more! Spending the week in the Smokey Mountains this week and this truck handles great on these winding mountain roads! Heading over to No Limit today to show them the finished product!

Smooth Criminal: Project F100

via Google Reviews

I purchased a fat bar kit for my Ford truck. Since I was fairly close I asked if I could pick up at the shop to save shipping. During pick up everyone was friendly and showed me things around the shop. When I paid my bill I realized not only did I save shipping they knocked off another hundred for me picking it up. Oh and the parts I got were top notch. Definitely doing business again.

Kyle Polen

via Google Reviews

Them boys over there know how to build the best chasis you ever seen in your whole life. Make sure to send to color tech powder coatings for over 500 color varieties

John A.

via Google Reviews

Purchased rear 4 link and front IFS kits for my c10. Products fit really well and as described (great quality). I am a rookie installer and any questions I have the business is always more than willing to help over the telephone and in writing with great patience. I will continue to shop here since due to product quality and service.


via Google Reviews

Purchased a Wide ride and Fat bar setup, as well as gas tank, rear axle and brake set for my 57 Chevy truck. Rob and the crew worked with me to be sure I was getting exactly what I needed. Everything went together as it should. Could not be happier with the service and quality of the parts. After sale support is excellent. My only gripe is the instructions could sometimes be clearer, but certainly not a huge issue. Definitely would recommend No Limit.

Bo Gray

via Google Reviews

Called and they picked up on the first ring. Impy was very informative and helpful! Will be placing an order soon!

Jeffrey Burdess

via Google Reviews

These guys were great to deal with. Very polite and trustworthy.

Justin Mroz

via Google Reviews

Great shop to do business with. Very polite and on time, no BS kinda place.


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