Bolt-on Brake Kit - Complete w/Remote

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These kits, which simply bolt-on, are engineered to replace the stock master cylinder. This is not another add-on booster. The factory brake pedal is retained. The brake system is then upgraded with the addition of a power booster and dual master cylinder. Will work with the stock clutch pedal. Our kits are made of 1/4" and 3/16" steel. Each kit is tested for fit and functionality before being shipped. All bushings are CNC machined. All required hardware, grade 8 bolts with nylock nuts, and complete installation instructions are included. The No Limit Kit is designed for use with midsize Ford(1974-78 Mustang II, 79-90 Mustang) booster and master cylinders. The booster measures 8" in diameter by 6" in length. They build an average 685 psi. of brake pressure. The master cylinders feature a 1" bore, and isolated front and rear cylinders. This is an O.E.M. booster, one that is readily available in part stores across the country, that can be easily replaced. Not some custom machined one - off part. .

***This is a complete power brake kit for a 1953-56 Ford F-100 , hooks up to your stock brake pedal.

Complete power brake kit with remote fill master cylinder. Goes in the stock location
Comes with:
*master cylinder
*plastic reservoir
*mounting brackets
*drive linkage
*and hardware

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