C-10 "C" Notch Kit w/ Bump Stops

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Before you carve on your C10 chassis, stop and think for a minute. How much more travel can you gain?

Most C-Notch kits on the market cut the frame to half of it's section height. That means it's only half as strong. Yes, the bolt in notch covers the cut, but only on one side. At No Limit, we never liked any of this. The frame is not the only thing in the way. When the axle has traveled 1" into the O.E. frame area, the top of the gear housing hits the bed floor. Now, if we made a notch to stop there. then when it bottomed out, it would be metal-to-metal contact. That's not cool. We made our notch 2 1/4" deep, with bump stops 1 3/4" and put in a mount hole for a urethane bump stop. Next, we added an inside panel to the notch brace, that also bolts to the O.E. rear crossmember. With this notch properly installed the frame is actually stronger than stock. This is the way it should be done.

Watch for other manufacturers to copy soon.

Kit contains one pair of C Notches braces and all the hardware. Bump Stops are included.

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