Fatbar 4-Link Rear Suspension

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Fatbar 4-Link Rear Suspension

1973-87 Chevy Trucks

Suspension Options:

Standard Standard
Includes Ridetech Billet, Single Adjustable Coil-overs or Viking Double Adjustable Coilovers
Airbags Airbags
Includes Air Bags & Shocks
9" of Travel, Includes Firestone 9000 Series 1500lb bags and smooth bore shocks
All mounts also included
Shockwaves Ridetech Shockwaves
Upgrade to Air Ride with Ridetech Billet Adjustable Shockwaves
Additional $500.00
Triple Adjustable Ridetech Triple Adjustable
Upgrade to Ridetech Tripple Adjustable Coil-overs for the ultimate in tuning for performance and ride quality.
Additional $700.00

Our Fatbar 4-link suspension is designed for TRUCKS! We use a 200-250lb spring and a 5" shock for a smoother ride, rather than many other kits that use a 3" stroke shock.

This means they must use a 300/350lb. spring. The longer bar that we use allows a smoother weight transfer, which trucks desperately need.
"Parallel" 4-bar kits do not offer any weight transfer. This is not an opinion, it's physics.
Our kit comes with a 30" rear mounted panhard rod that has less radial deflection and LOWER ROLL CENTER than short, top mounted locators. If you're building a hot rod truck, build it with parts designed for a truck. LIKE THE FATBAR!

This is the only kit on the market that will give you the ride and performance you're looking for!

**This is not a Roadster 4-bar that has been adapted.
**The fatbar is stronger than any street kit on the market.

Includes C-Notch Kit with Bump Stops

**On some applications you may have to move the gas tank**

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