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green no limit truck


This is Part One of a series of articles that shows you how to build a truck on a budget that doesn’t look a truck built on a budget.

The term “budget” comes with a stigma that the product won’t be as good as a high-price competitor, but that is not the case! By building on a budget, you can put more into your project and work to create your dream truck!

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base frame

JT Part 2 – Frame

In this story, we are going to address the foundation of the project, which will set the tone of the remaining pieces of this puzzle, the frame and bed floor.

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front suspension

JT Part 3 – Suspension

When we started this project, the big emphasis was to drive the truck as much as we could, so it makes sense to make it ride smooth, handle well, and sit right using the best parts possible.

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JT Part 4 – Engine Swap

Introduced back in the later part of the last century, the LS series of power-plants are quickly becoming a top choice to power a classic project. They’ve proven themselves as an affordable model for daily use, while still providing a fair amount of horse-power to push along an older truck down the road.

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guy using red paint

JT Part 5 – Paint & Body

I just saw a quote on a forum site that made me smile, and really think about what all this stuff is about. The quote was, “If I had all the money back that I’ve spent on cars, I’d spend it on cars again.” Seems fair, right? I mean who just wants to build one truck in their life? Besides, it’s not about the destination, it’s the trip that gets you there. That’s what this series of articles is all about, getting together with a group of friends and building a cool cruiser without spending major bucks.

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wiring assembly set

JT Part 6 – Wiring

I have to say that I’m the definition of the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” For over the last 20 odd years or so, I’ve built engines, cut up suspensions, beat on metal, and recreated some great looking cars, but the one thing that I have always been hesitant to attempt is rewiring a vehicle.

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man looking under car

JT Part 7 – Interior

Over the past few months, we showed you how to bring back a truck from the dead and have a blast with it on a working man’s budget. Having the essentials down, such as the suspension, paint, wheels, electrical, and the drive-train already covered in our past issues, it’s only fitting to move into the interior of the truck.

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